Collection: Photography

Presenting: Medium

A Collection of Long Exposure Photography.

Visual poetry, hidden messages, a simple line takes flight, created in light captured in light. What is life? In its purest essence, it is not made of water and carbon but of energy created in the infinitely minute tails of quantum particles. So what is life, if not but a point of light in the infinite stream of time? A point in time, a moment, becomes a line. In this collection, the artist creates abstract minimalist drawings through a mixture of performance art captured through long exposure photography to create drawings emoted into light during a meditative state. Or as artists call it, during the muse. The works are titled after the images and emotions left behind by engraved light into a digital sensor.

Medium is a long exposure-photography-based abstract drawing series by artist Silia. Available now!  Limited to 30 prints per title.